Welcome Aboard!


We are so excited to have you onboard, and we cannot wait to share with you valuable information about your Photo Booth!

Important Tips To Getting Started With Your Photo Booth:

1. Do not wait until you receive our booth to login to the member's area. There is a lot to learn, so log in now, look around, and get started with the videos. 

Please be reminded that all our training is done online. Our products do not come with manuals. Do not worry, we made our videos fun and informative. You will not get bored.

2. Do not wait until you receive our booth to learn the software. Learning is fun. You can download a free trial and start learning it now. To get the software, please click on the links below:


3. Do not expect that something is included in your package. Your sales rep will itemize everything on the invoice.

4. Inspect your package upon arrival of the shipment. Once you sign for it, responsibility for the shipment has been cleared. For damages upon shipment, please note it in the form.

5. After Hours and Weekend support is available via email through our member's area only. There are a lot of best places where you can get the support that you need. These are :

  • Software Maker's website. They are really fast in their response.
  • PBI Facebook group community (there are a lot of awesome people in our FB group community, our existing customers that will give you the support that you need)

6. Do not wait until the day of your event, to prepare your photo booth. It is recommended to do it one or two days before.



Helpful Tips:

  • You can lock the software while using CTRL +L
    Arrive at least 1 hr before the start time of the event. You need time to prepare.
  • Always test print before and after the event.
  • Prepare your software ahead of time, never at the event.
  • Always have an extra box of ink.

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Announcements (Read Carefully)

  • Take time to set up and learn your photo booth, this will ensure a smooth event with no problems. 
  •  Make sure to run all computer and software updates.
  • Set up your booth the day before your event to make sure you do not have any problems. Preparation is the key. 
  • Tech Support is usually busy on Mondays & Fridays. Please do not call back to back, as this will place you at the back of the line. Make sure to leave a message, email support@photoboothint.com and post in our Private Facebook Group.



Who to Contact? 

Booth Related Concerns

General Inquiry |Tech Support 

Call +4692731876 or email us at support@photoboothint.com. If it is a Technical concern, always attach a video or a photo of the issue.
Click here on how to send us a video.

Note: Your Sales Rep will not have access to order info. Any inquiry should be addressed via Customer Service Support.


Software Related Concerns

Dark Room Tech Support 

Call +214-390-3258 | Please leave a message if they do not pick up to ensure a callback.


Printer Related Concerns

DNP Tech Support 

Call +214-390-3258 | Please leave a message if they do not pick up to ensure a callback.

DARKROOM Booth Software

Check the articles here:

More Darkroom articles HERE


Shipping Notes

Once you received an email from the Shipping Department that your booth is on the way, please note that you'll be tracking two packages, One is for the booth and the other one is for the printer.

Enclosed in the email are the tracking numbers of your booth via the Freight company, Pilot, and the printer via UPS or FedEx.


Below are the links to track your booth. This link will be provided in the email as well.

Pilot Freight Tracking Area

To track your printer, the link is below.

UPS Tracking Area

FedEx Tracking Area

As mentioned above, Your Booth will be shipped through Pilot Delivers Freight Service. Once your booth has arrived at the Pilot Warehouse near the delivery address, they will give you a call to schedule a delivery date and time. The booth must be signed, There is no exception to this.

Please make sure you do not sign and let the driver leave until you have inspected the box. Any damages should be noted even if you feel like it’s not a big deal, don't let it pass; Take note of it.
Damage can be defined as anything less than perfect. Dent, punctures, water damage, DRIED water damage, broken pallet, or anything else that might have been caused during the shipment should be noted. Without notes, we cannot prove that it arrived at you in that condition and we are unable to file a valid claim. In addition to making comments on any damages before you sign, be sure to take photos or a video of visible damages that you have noted.


Once you have made notes, signed, and taken photos, you may allow the driver to leave. Please be sure that you give us a call at +469-273-1876 and send us an email at support@photoboothint.com with the attached photos or videos. 
Click here on how to send us a video.


Now that you have successfully completed your delivery, You can move on to unpacking.





Unboxing Process:



After receiving the booth, Inspect the items for any observed damages on the packaging.
Take a photo of the booth before releasing the driver. You must contact Company within 24 hours via phone, text (855-474-6868), or email (support@photoboothint.com) for any malfunction, defect, or damage. Failure to do so may result in no warranty coverages.

What needs to be done when unboxing the booth


Now that you have your booth unpacked and assembled, you can now begin to set up the equipment.
All the equipment is already installed, you just need to plug everything in. Follow the setup videos.



Phone Support Number For Darkroom Booth: 214-390-3258  
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST Monday - Friday
Please leave a message if they do not pickup
If you need help with Social Booth, please email support@photoboothint.com