A list of things or spare parts you should do or have with you when you go out and thrill your guests with what we bring!! Feel free to add of course!

-PBI university bookmark in your phone 
-Software troubleshooting link bookmark in phone
-Software key in phone 
-Make sure you delete old photos and prints off your hard drive because there’s only so much storage. You can always save them to an external drive.
-Make sure you transport media independent of the printer and the printer head protection piece is always installed when transporting.

-Extra flashbulb and flash module< pricey
-Be cheaper to get a portable battery-operated flash to tape up temp on the booth using gaffing tape.
-Extra flash mountable on Booth ( where applicable)
-Extra hot shoe
-Extra hot-shoe wire to flash module
-Extra camera mount where applicable 
-Screen cleaner ( Screen Mom/ Amazon)
-A couple of extra batteries for your blue tooth key board 
-Extra media when getting to about halfway on your present roll. I always -order a box when I open a box. Needs to be kept in normal ambient temps. 
-Gaffing tape for cords on the floor


-Weights for backdrop stand and lighting stands.
-Sun protection with covered sides.
-Don’t forget the backdrop acts like a sail.  That’s why I shy away from them.... outdoor gigs. 

By: Eddy G.