Social booth has the ability to share pictures via Email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS (text message).

Please note that in order to send Text Messages and Emails, you first need to create accounts with third party software.
For Facebook and Twitter, you do not need to do anything special.

The third party software for Text Messages is Twilio, website page below:
You will need to purchase a phone number from Twilio as well as select your SMS pricing option. Cost of Twilio phone # is only $1 per month and the cost per text message is only a couple cents per message depending on the plan that you opt for.

Once you get your Twilio account setup and paid for, all you have to do is add your Twilio account information into the SMS tab in Social Booth. Please see the link below for detailed instructions:

The third party software for Email messaging is Send Grid. Here is the link for their page:

You will also setup a plan with SendGrid and once you are setup with them, you can go back to Social Booth and enter the information for SendGrid in the E-mail tab. Below is the link for instructions on that as well.

As long as you are setup with those accounts and have your booth computer connected to wifi, you should be able to send pictures via social media.