There are a handful of different types of road cases that we feature with the booths.  

1.) The Fusion, Black/ White Tie, Prime and PBI 11 all use the same SBK road case with custom foam cut for each.  The Prime XL also has a durable SBK road case, only slightly bigger.

2.) The LED booth uses a soft, canvas type road case.

3.) The Mirror 55" and Mirror 65" are built in to their own road case.  The road case is actually built as the body of the booth in which there is a detachable front "top" that protects the glass front during transport.

4.) The Mirror 3 and the Astro have custom made road cases with custom foam cut to fit that exact booth.  ****IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE TOP OF THESE RESPECTIVE BOOTHS LINE UP EXACT WITH THE CORRESPONDING BOTTOM PART TO INSURE A SECURE AND PROPER LOCKING OF THE LATCHES****