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New RX1 Update - Firmware

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Written by Paul Abueg
Updated on January 19, 2021

How to Use New RX1HS Media in the Older RX1

New RX1HS media will work in the older RX1. But if you use it and don’t finish a roll and then upgrade the firmware, that roll is no longer usable. Make sure you update between rolls.

Follow these steps to update the RX1 firmware

  1. Make sure printer is plugged in, turned on and not errored out.
  2. Here is the link to the FW:
  3. Download and extract the file.
  4. Open the folder DNP_RXIHS_FW_Update_Utilityv204
  5. Click twice on the application RX1 FW UP Util
  6. You will get this warning about the media.  Click I agree and Continue if you are ready.
  7. The DS-RX1 Version Up Tool will appear.
  8. Your current version should be 01.10.  Click START.  Should take a couple of minutes and you should hear the printer turn off and back on.  The current version will show on the screen.  Click END
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